Sunday, June 17, 2012

Make Your Own Space

Where ever you are, where ever you go, just carve it out of somewhere. Make that space for asana, pranayama and meditation. A baseball tournament put me on the road to Mobile, Alabama; this of course means finding a yoga studio that works with the tournament schedule or practice on my own. By the photo, you can tell I had to default to the later-which turned out to be bliss.

A breezy, sun dappled area combined with the bubbling water of the nearby hot tub made a great yoga space. I’m getting pretty good at turning inward and withdrawing from distractions (i.e. the sounds of traffic), by focusing on the water feature I was ‘in my zone’. I wasn’t bothered by anyone when I rolled out my mat due to the early hour of my practice, only a curious housekeeper peeking at me while she was cleaning the windows. 
It is so fabulous to practice outdoors, my gaze is directed to unique perspectives of nature. It’s is good way to help me off the mat and see different angles to a problem or challenge, or to be able to see a situation from someone else's chair. 
Even those pesky mosquitoes were in harmony with my practice, they didn’t  bite me once! What’s your favorite outdoor space?

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