Monday, June 4, 2012

“Build it, and they will come”...or not (May 20th, 2012)

I can’t believe what I am seeing here, almost like a mirage in the Southern Delta desert. There stands an incredible junior college football stadium outfitted with turf, yes a TURF field, a Jumbo tron and a very likable press box. Next to this desirable stadium is a freshly built baseball stadium, all shiny and new with a fabulous batting cage, roomy press boxes and dugouts- Oh, I bet the locker room is pretty sweet as well.
This is why my son and I are here, to tryout for the East Mississippi Lions baseball team, a junior college in Mississippi that can’t be located on a Tom Tom. I think that every time my husband typed in the town of ‘Scooba’ the auto correct changed it to Scooby. My twitter photo pretty much captured my expression as we turn off highway 45 onto route 16, just blocks away from campus (I couldn’t send it, no service). As we turned, there before us stood a very fat and happy cow grazing on the side of the road-no he was not inside a fence, but literally just off the shoulder of the road. Later, I started to wonder if the AstroTurf football field was a necessity after all, to keep the cows from grazing and pooping on it. 

My yoga tells me not to judge; I am doing more yoga now from a stadium seat than I have in the last 7 days. My mind can’t help but evaluate, critique and rank things as I slowly roast in the Delta heat. “Where did all the funds come from to build such star quality facilities? Are those dorms, converted from old motels? THAT is the student center?

I’m closing the Mac to sit for a few minutes and breathe, shut up Judge Judy and send positive thoughts  to my son. But deep down inside I'm hoping he will take the offer from Southwest.

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