Thursday, January 17, 2013

That’s when the light goes on...

I took this photo Tuesday night just outside my front door because it just struck me in some odd way. I used a soft focus to emphasize the obscurity and struggle that the light appeared to have. Of course, the light still prevailed and illuminated my pitch dark, icy front yard. 

We are in the midst of getting our home ready to list on the real estate market and while we are busy attending to our own punch list, there are these other home issues that are raining down one us. First it’s the leak in the upstairs bath tub, a screaming seven year old washing machine and wall patches in the laundry room that need to be repainted (along with part of the kitchen), and finally-two new roof leaks. These roof leaks sprung up in the same rooms where I had the ceilings painted last spring. So while I am trying to bid out and hire sub contractors for the master bath update and cabinet painting in the kitchen, there are other holes in the dike that need to be plugged quickly... due to the nature of water damage

I have to admit that Angie’s List has brought me a great deal of happiness and homeowner repair success, but you can still acquire a dud in the batch. That dud happened to be the sub contractor who updated the kid’s bathroom, so much to my dissatisfaction that I would not give him the job on the master bathroom. With that experience under my tool belt, I decided to ask one of my A+ rated subs for recommendations on this particular project. I called my drywall/ceiling contractor and he gave me the number of his cousin who specializes in this field. Keith had referred me to a painter on one of his jobs when one of his employee had shoulder surgery; the crew was extraordinary and I felt safe with trusting Keith’s word again. 

I put a call into ‘Sledge’ and he arrived this morning to bid out the job. In comparison to my original design plan, Sledge had some great alternate ideas on the update that made functional and aesthetic sense. He also gave me his countertop suppliers name in order visit their shop and scout out remnant stone tops to save money while increasing home value. Somehow we got on the subject of my father (I had gutted and sold my dad’s house two years ago), and told Sledge that my father had Parkinson’s and dementia and my mother is in the severe stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Unbelievably, Sledge tells me his father had passed away in October from dementia. As I listened to his caregivers story, I began to to realize that God is good at details and directing us to answers and solutions. The light in His wisdom may be the luminosity of fizzling embers in the family room fireplace, or the brightness of the skylight in your kitchen ceiling, but if we trust in the light of God we will see the way. We will also see others He has sent to help and mentor us in the journey and we will likely know who they are from the light that radiates in their hearts. God knows that I don't need an irresponsible jackhole (pardon the french) in charge of these renovations, one that will create worry, delays and added expense, there are more important things that need my attention. This contractor completely understands what is going on in my life and I have confidence that he will do his absolute best on this job. 

I have another contractor coming out this evening to bid the job as well, and for some reason I have a feeling he is going to ‘no show’. I’m not really concerned because I already have entered an appointment into my calendar tomorrow to go down and  find those counter tops and get this project moving, I know who to hire. 

Life Shared

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pursuit of Dhyana

Step Back from the Asana.
Set the New Year on a stable track

“But I’m addicted to it. I have been working on pincha for nine months, I can’t back off now!” Does that response speak to you? During this first quarter of the new year step back from the asana and be still. How? By practicing fewer poses...practicing restorative yoga...practicing seated poses to ground and prepare yourself. And do what? Meditate or meditate more. Why? For the peace, connection, and clarity from meditation feed your spirit and transform your asana practice. Join me in this path of enrolling in an insight meditation course, or some form of mediation workshop even if you meditate at this time. Scout around your local yoga studios as well as the universities and holistic centers to find a workshop near you and enroll in one.

Just as we ‘begin from the beginning’ occasionally in our asana postures, take yourself back to the bottom rung of meditation with a mentor or guide. I have enrolled in a six-week meditation course because I have found the power of attention by stepping back to an environment of simplicity to strengthen me in many ways. I have found this from my own meager (version of meditation for dummies, I suppose) and virtually unguided pursuit of dhyana. But now, I seek more direction and understanding from a mentor who has studied and practiced 
for many years, I guess I also enjoy being a student!

My class begins in two weeks and the enthusiasm is building, but I avoid building expectations. Good or not so, or indifferent, I should have a few blogs to document this adventure. I look forward to hearing about  your journey as well. 

Life Embraced

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's been a while...

My decision not to write was a wise one. 

This fall, I was met with another rough spot in the road...I suddenly lost my mother-in-law and my father had to be moved into an Alzheimer's residence. But when family heart aches occurred earlier in 2012, I thought I could take my time to formulate my thoughts and words about the "senioritis" I was experiencing and blog about them in the coming weeks. I realized that writing about certain events, people and situations are sometimes better left untouched. The potential to harm, expose and hurt people in my life seemed to loom over me, as they may have felt that the family's business was being publicly laundered. 

Throughout 2012, I have observed and witnessed self-destruction and implosions on the blogosphere by numerous bloggers. Their 'bear all to cleanse myself’ about personal moments in their family, matrimonial or professional life back fired by alienating friends, partners, peers and family members. In one particular instance a mommy blogger doesn't back away from the keyboard after her child 'comes out' to the world. Taking some time to absorb and become comfortable with this revelation could have prevented her from blogging the most disjointed, snarky, mindless and scattered jibberish content for more than a month-further discrediting herself. Then there was a post from a yoga teacher/blogger (remember that?) about her sultry hook ups with one of her students, it came off like she was bragging about the conquest.  I quit reading blogs for a while because I felt that the content was turning into episodes on reality TV shows (that I also avoid.)

My blogging intention for 2013 is to do my best to write when appropriate and not force the pen for blogging’s sake. I hope to bring light and humor to those who click on my blog, and hopefully some fascination or intrigue causing readers to seek and dig deeper for more knowledge on the presented subject matter. It’s a lost opportunity if we do not learn something new each day!

Life Simplified-