Sunday, March 18, 2012

29 February 2012

My last day in Utopia

I dislike the feelings that swell up like a tide pool when I have to leave the beach. Regardless, I do have to thank my lucky stars (and planets) for my time in this little paradise: no flight delays getting here, no inclement weather and memorable experiences. 
My morning walk on the beach was bright and communal, just enough other folks with the same idea sharing a beautiful moment in time. The ocean was mirror smooth in a cool hue of aquamarine and the air was practically still-just an occasional light breeze.
The ocean invited me to sit for a while, 
So I knelt down into virasana posture to...I don’t know, 
But I closed my eyes and        sat.  
The ocean spoke slightly above a whisper:
Draw in
Draw within 
Rest your awareness 
In the first moment 
When The Spirit
Hovered over the water
And I did
And it became so quiet
Like I had slowly submerged under the water
But I still felt bright and warm from the sun
I felt like my spirit and my body temporarily separated
Experiencing calm and wonder 
Then the ocean asked me to breathe with her
And I did

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