Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That’s What the Coach Said...

What an epic moment! I see a tweet from a well-seasoned marathoner/triathlete about his blog post on finding yoga. I have known Kevin for many years (he married a pledge sister of mine), and yes, I have encouraged he and Karen to add yoga to their running recovery program. Like many competitive athletes, they have a very difficult time ‘slowing down’ to do yoga.
Kevin isn’t a weekend warrior. He is a RRCA running coach, Co-Host of Pure-Fit Radio and the National Coach for the Team McGraw Endurance Program. The TMF is a worthy foundation that enhances the quality of life of children and adults with brain tumors. The foundation also provides assistance to individuals with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. 

I am thrilled that Kevin will be able to share his yoga experience with his team and future clients, and hopefully they remain on the road and injury free. Learn more about the TMG foundation by visiting www.cantstopendurance.com, and read about Coach Kevin and his aha! yoga moment at http://bit.ly/kjrNC8.

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