Monday, May 16, 2011

Grab a Tissue

Even though it was Memphis in May, it was a chilly afternoon in the Midsouth. The looming storm clouds cooperated and did not rain on Katie's day. I was inspired by the ceremony and wrote a poem in my fellow yogi teacher's honor...

(warning: I am not a poet)

Love’s Divine

A breathtaking vision
Perched atop a horse drawn carriage.
Tiara petite and veil complete,
Rivaling the Iconic Princess Kate
In grace, style, and beauty.

Your eyes met.
And, as you made your way
To the end of the path,
Your hearts embraced.

With a few deep, ethereal breaths,
Your jitters dispelled.
Then, the life force fell into a flowing, glowing
Stream of blushing light,
Awakening the inner beauty for all to witness.

Exchanging vows under the watchful eye
Of a grand Painted Lady.
With an enchanted, enamoured, unbroken gaze,
The power of the word
Transformed two compassionate spirits,
Uniting them in eternal love.


  1. Beautiful! I think you may just be a poet in the making! @downwarddog