Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Living the dream

It's a long trip, but after befriending Australians and
New Zelanders, our trip was cake. 
It is an event that I have always imagined, but never assumed that it would actually happen. I dreamed about what the water and the ancient cities would look like and quite frankly, some of my visions were not even close to what greeted me.

Many of you have figured out via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that I have been exploring the Mediterranean...some people call it vacationing. The trek was so remarkable, so fascinating that the only time I lounged around was when our ship was at sea for two non-consectutive days. Even then, I attended cooking classes, a foreign beer tasting, made new friends, hit the gym and practiced yoga many early mornings on the observation deck.

Guess what? I am going to share some of those images and thoughts throughout this amazing adventure. Hang on! Grab some very comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and your best mapping skills.


Life Shared

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