Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Light Is Different Here

Here? Where! 

Because my family has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, I see and observe that the light  in this new environment is different.

I think this Edison Bulb from a light fixture that hangs in my new/old cottage really captures my observation in a visual sense. I actually have four of these fantastic light fixtures throughout my home, so I bump into them many times during the day and the light bulbs capture me in a moment of wonder and reflection.

To me, this vintage bulb represents the beginning- a pure essence of contemporary existence in an uncomplicated form. In my mind, it also represents the expanded consciousness of Thomas Edison himself. Imagine if we uncluttered our minds, what we might be able to discover, comprehend or invent in our own present day circle. 

The dawn or morning light is also different her in Nashville. We are three hours closer to the Eastern Time Zone, so my circadian rhythm immediately picked up on this deviation. Believe it or not,  I actually appreciate morning knocking at an earlier time- it's a gentle and encouraging arousal. I don't feel groggy when I get out of bed and I tend to feel more productive or together throughout the day.

Lastly, the light that shines from others in my new community has a significantly different glow.  I tried to explain it to my cousin the other day.... authentic community is what is shining here in Nashville. I am not disparaging my old home by any means, it just feels that there are a large number of people back home suffering, and that state of mind limits one to connect with others in a positive way. There are many valid reasons for the pain and suffering, therefore we lend a hand to support and steady those souls. Teaching yoga and meditation for years, I witnessed substantial improvement of the quality of life in so many people (there are many extraordinary facilitators back home doing the same thing at this moment) - it changed me and I miss so many of those arcs of light. My hope is that these arcs ignite larger flashes of energy that spreads like a lightning bolt across the Delta night sky. 

Life illuminated in mind, body and spirit---Trinitas.

Life electrified.


  1. I love reading your posts. They have such a soothing affect on me, and I'm not even a yogi (but there's still hope I may become one.) I would say best wishes with the move to Nashville, but I know you will do just fine.

  2. I appreciate your readership and support so much. BTW, you are a yogi!