Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Double Vision Was Always One

I love Art. It doesn’t matter if it is painting, drawing, sculpture, needle arts, photography or pottery, I love the expression of an individual’s vision and creativity. I also like to meet the creator of such fine work and learn of their background and beginnings into their prospective art form; quite often they are some fascinating stories. 
As a yoga teacher, I do have some creative souls who share their practice with me. I am writing about two in particular, and since it is the summer blockbuster movie season dominated by super heros...I will affectionately call them the dynamic duo. The yogi and yogini are Dale and Brin Baucum of Baucum Pottery in Memphis, Tennessee. “Potters, ok...well that’s a nice hobby”, you say? Not at all, this couple has been spinning the wheel for four’s their livelihood. The couple met in the spring of 1972 at the Memphis Academy of Arts (now the Memphis College of Art), Brin was focused in photography and Dale was immersed in ceramics. It wasn’t until 1983 that Brin joined Dale in ceramics and began channeling her expression of the relationship between man and nature from photography into clay. From a yogic perspective, it is easy to see how yoga immediately resonated with them. I can just imagine how the turning of the wheel is a moving meditation for both of them, creating such pure beauty while spinning darkness into oblivion.
They have such an impressive portfolio of work that the Dixon Gallery and Gardens  has arranged a “Retrospective in Clay”, displaying pieces of their work over the past 40 years. This exhibit runs through October 14th, 2012, so set aside some time to  explore this as well as two other interesting exhibits and The Dixon Gallery and Gardens.

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