Friday, July 20, 2012

The Creative flow of Living, Writing and Yoga

I have come to the conclusion that these three things (living, writing, yoga) weave tight into each other, and I don't think they are very well or healthy without each other. There are essays, poems and novels that wrap themselves around me and hold me tight. There are people in my life who bring me that same support and warmth- and pretty much without fail, my yoga practice does too. My yoga holds me high, lays out a few cliffhangers and gives me a few giggles. 

I wanted to share a poem from a former student who had to relocate to the foothills of Arkansas last summer. I still think of Jennifer and her delicate grace. At her last class, I read this poem out loud during our Sun Salute A sequence... and it was magical! It touched so many yogis and yoginis in the class with smiles, serenity, tears and community.

A Yogi's Prayer
(Salutation to the Sun)

Arms held high I greet the day in salutation to the sun
Feeling beams upon my face I know the day has come
Forward bending I let go with gentle yogic grace
Lunging back with open heart I welcome life's embrace
With my back a plank straight and true I begin to turn within
Sinking now releasing on my knees and chest and chin
Cobra-like I stretch up feeling strength within the pose
Downward like a sunbeam I gain spiritual repose
Lunging forward easily feeling sweet release
Forward bending I relax welcoming the peace
Joyfully I stretch up to be all that I can be
Prayerfully I greet the God in you and the God in me

Namasté    Namasté    Namasté

Jennifer Veblen 2010

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