Friday, December 16, 2011

Love for the Teacher

I love that feeling I get when I read something that touches my heart. The words just click with me and makes me think “Wow, I mean really WOW!” The intention of the words just melt into my soul and the feeling stays with me for some time.  This feeling also makes me want to pay it forward- to pass this wonderful quote, poem, or passage on to others so they may share in the same splendor. So here it is, coming straight from a Christmas Card from one of my students:
“Christmas is
that deep feeling of peace 
that quiets all the noise, 
reminding us that love and gratitude
are what matter.”
I dedicate the second part of this passage to anyone who is a teacher. It does not matter what you teach, present or lecture, what matters is you possess the heart and loving kindness to share, advise and help others.
“You have a part in making
every season of the year
warm and wonderful...
and part of what makes 
Christmas so special is the chance it brings
to thank you.”
May you experience abundant love and joy this holiday season. 

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