Friday, July 8, 2011


All the stars lined up on this particular Savannah, Georgia night; a warm breeze was blowing in off the Atlantic, there was a glorious light display in the early evening sky, and a kula-type of energy swirled throughout the City Market District. My husband and I noticed a large crowd gathered at one end of City Market and decided to check out the scene, where there appeared to be a band playing. 
Not quite. It turned out to be a one man band on an acoustic guitar rocking the Market. His name is JamiSun, and he is one of the most authentic and talented musicians I have ever seen and heard. He shreds with the best, and he has such an eclectic influence: Rock, Blues, Classical Guitar, and his own special Mariachi spice.

By posting this blog, I hope this genuine artist will be booked in some great venue festival like South By Southwest or Coachella. In the words of Zac Brown, ‘He can tear the shit up!”  Click, enjoy and spread the music



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