Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seeing My Practice Through a New Window

Well, I have been delinquent in my blogging, but I assure you that you did not want to hear about the past couple of weeks. Preparing for a yard sale in 105 degree heat, repeated drop-offs to donation centers and hazardous material hubs doesn’t make for fascinating conversation. That was all on behalf of a family member, and now I have another mess on my hands...my own yoga space.
Many of us yogis use the living room for our yoga practice. I like my space because there is plenty of light, some wall space (after removing some paintings) and the open floor sans the coffee table. I also have the bonus of the large screen TV on the wall where I can broadcast a fabulous @Yogaglo class or DVD should I not want to pursue my own creative flow. You can tell from the photo that this room is a disaster, just like every other room in my house because we are having the windows replaced and the house exterior repainted this week. Practicing under these circumstances will give me a different view of my yoga.

In order to roll out my mat, I have to take this little space along the two wing chairs and be surrounded by all the clutter. I don’t do well with clutter- it makes me feel overwhelmed and out of control. So for the next few days I will be diving into some serious
Pratyahara and Dharana so I can manage with all of the mess throughout the house. There will be little emphasis on inversions and arm balances and more focus on standing poses and some juicy Yin thrown in.  My practice time will be quite warm  (about 83-86 degrees) because there is no sense in having your air conditioner running in 98 degree weather when there are large gaping holes in your house. 
I am already breathing easier just thinking about the adjustments in my practice. Not to mention that I find it insanely humorous that my sister is coming in for a weekend visit this Thursday. I wonder how she is going to cope!


  1. I definitely cant practice with clutter either. It drives me nutty!!! We need a clean space for our energies to feel settled and welcomed right? =) So excited to have found your blog!! cant wait to follow your journey <3

  2. Thanks so much sweet one! I even issued a family clean up garage day about a month ago. I felt like it really sapped the life out of everyone when they entered the house through the garage- tripping over shin high junk everywhere! clean up Delights ahead in following your blogs too, I'm sure.